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Frequently Asked Questions! Got a question? Here is the answer! Contact us if you can´t find the answer.

Question: What is royalty free music?   Answer: Royalty free music is music composed by royalty free composers. This means the composers are not member of a collecting society like GEMA, PRS or ASCAP to name just a few. There is no need to pay any fees to a collecting society if you use BOX MUSIC Library. Royalty free does not mean copyright free or music for free. The composers of BOX MUSIC Library are not collecting society members. They distribute their music through BOX MUSIC Library.

Question: Do I have to register to buy music?   Answer: Yes, simply create an individual account and set your password. 
Question: What if I forget my password? Can I change the password at any time? Answer: Sure, click on the registration link in the top right side. Type in your user name and click on reset password. You will be able to update your password and also all contact information.

Question: Where can I use the music? Answer: You can use the music for any conceivable project. The BOX MUSIC Library music is focused on online and all kinds of image- and product films and advertising. Therefore we have unbeatable licence offers for agencies. BOX MUSIC Library is used for synchronization in media productions (websites, videos, DVDs, TV broadcasts, films, games, etc.) where music is needed. The details of the licensed merchandise can be found in the terms of license and are the basis of our general terms and conditions.

Question: Is it possible to get a demo version of a track to find out if the music fits into my project?  Answer: Yes, you can download a demo version with an audible watermark for free. Click on the orange button in the infos of tracks, albums or track in the music search.

Question: After buying a track or license: what´s next?  Answer: When the track is shown in the shopping card you easily follow the shopping route to our certified payment system. The transaction menu gives you the possibility to choose your payment options. Immediately after the payment transaction, the customer receives a bill as well as a go-ahead. Both items are automatically generated within the system. The go-ahead is a legal basis and proof that no claims or rights to collecting societies, either domestic or international exist. At the same time music as a mp3 file will be downloaded automatically on our computer.

Question: Is it possible to return a music file and get money back or get a refund? Answer: Unfortunately a purchased license is not refundable but get in contact with us if this happens. We will find a solution to make you satisfied.

Question: I´m a musician. Can I sing over the playback, add instruments and finally sell the music? Answer: Unfortunately this is not allowed. BOX MUSIC Library protects the original copyright. Doing this would make liable.

Question: What about security? Is everything on your website safe if I buy music?   Answer: Security besides music is most important. Our shop system uses a state-of-the-art encrypted processing system. Your credit card information is safe.

Question: Got a notice from YouTube saying purchased track from BOX MUSIC Library belongs to a third party? Is this a problem?  Answer: BOX MUSIC Library monitors all internet platforms through AdRev in New York. If you get such notice through AdRev: don´t worry! Our music is 100% copyright free and there will be no trouble with the purchased music. Please get in touch with us to whitelist these claims for you or your client.

Any more question: contact us or write an e-mail. We´ll get back to you as soon as possible!